Rincewind and Luggage Sepia Card SC15 £2.50
Metallic Keyring - Double Ice Cream BD-LTD215 £3.99
Text Keyring - Chastity Belt BD-KEY024 £2.00
Future - Fortune Teller BD-AMC002 £2.50
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Imaginarium Special Edition EB052 £75.00
Dr Who Dalek Keyring RK38105 £2.00
Mona Ogg Button Badge BB36 £1.00
Anthill Inside Button Badge BB47 £1.00
Grumpy Librarian Button Badge BB19 £1.00
Eldritch Sky Button Badge BB06 £1.00
I Love Ankh-Morpork Button Badge BB26 £1.00
The Librarian Button Badge BB14 £1.00
Great A'Tuin Button Badge BB03 £1.00
Total: £94.99