Mr Magpie ERST025 £22.00
All Hallows Eve ERST022 £22.00
Molly the Maltese ERST028 £22.00
Meow at Midnight ERST004 £22.00
Stu the Surfuin' Sea Turtle ERST010 £22.00
Fairest of them All ERST018 £22.00
Hocus Pocus ERST023 £22.00
Close Encounter ERST031 £22.00
Lionheart ERST029 £22.00
We R Igors Tea Towel cmot019 £6.95
Dried Frog Pills PILLS01 £2.50
Cat Tea Towel GK002 £6.95
Brother Auguste's Happy Pills PILLS02 £4.00
Discworld Chopping Board BOARD02 £15.00
Lord Downey's Humbugs HUMBUGS £4.95
Joints of the Rat Glass Chopping Board BOARD01 £15.00
Rat Tea Towel GK001 £6.95
One Rhinu coin COIN01 £8.00
Total: £268.30