Moist Dweenie Magnet dwm-moist £2.00
The Light Fantastic Coaster CC15 £3.50
Death with Stray Cats Photo Magnet PM08 £3.00
Great A'Tuin Photo Magnet PM03 £3.00
Reaper Man Photo Magnet PM12 £3.00
Guards Guards Photo Magnet PM10 £3.00
Mort Photo Magnet PM09 £3.00
Night Watch Photo Magnet PM06 £3.00
Heart Shaped Black Cat Shoulder Bag RW016 £25.00
Skeleton Bag RW002 £15.00
Steampunk Vintage Clock Bag RW015 £20.00
Small Victorian Steampunk Vintage Beige Lace Handbag RW012 £25.00
Elegant Black Skull and Rose Lace Handbag RW017 £25.00
Victorian Steampunk Striped Hand Bag RW018 £25.00
Tattoo design Bag RW001 £15.00
Large Black Kitty HandBag RW011 £27.00
Small Victorian Steampunk Vintage Black Lace Handbag RW013 £25.00
Paperback The Light Fantastic - Embossed JK002 £10.00
Paperback The Truth - Embossed JK025 £10.00
Paperback The Fifth Elephant - Embossed JK024 £10.00
Paperback Lords and Ladies - Embossed JK014 £10.00
Paperback Interesting Times - Embossed JK017 £10.00
Paperback Small Gods - Embossed JK013 £10.00
Paperback Moving Pictures - Embossed JK010 £10.00
Paperback Men at Arms - Embossed JK015 £10.00
Total: £305.50