Vimes Dweenie Coaster dwc-vimes £2.50
Vimes Dweenie Magnet dwm-vimes £2.00
Rincewind Dweenie Badge dwb-rincewind £3.50
Unseen University Scarf SCARF-01 £45.00
Unseen University Tote Bag TOTE09 £8.00
Rincewind and Luggage Sepia Card SC15 £2.50
Rincewind Mounted Print MOUNTPP02 £30.00
Rincewind in the Dungeon Dimension Mounted Print MOUNT07 £30.00
Gold Framed Tiffany & the Bees F021 £35.00
Trading Card - Errol TC-019 £1.00
Granny Weatherwax Dweenie Badge dwb-granny £3.50
Greebo Dweenie Badge dwb-greebo £3.50
Rincewind Mug MUG01 £8.00
Terry Sillhouette Pin COLL044 £8.00
Unseen University Notebook NOTE05 £15.00
Unseen University Bachelor of Fluencing Cerficiate COLL018 £7.50
Sam Vimes Miniature dw30m05a £7.50
Tiffany Mounted Print MOUNTPP06 £30.00
Total: £242.50