Rincewind Bookmark BM04 £1.75
Rincewind Miniature dw30m04a £7.50
The Long Mars Paperback - Embossed EB007 £10.00
Truckers - Embossed PK041 £10.00
Diggers - Embossed PK042 £10.00
Wings Paperback - Embossed EB025 £10.00
Turtle Recall Paperback - Embossed EB035 £10.00
The Long Utopia Paperback - Embossed EB021 £10.00
The Shepherd's Crown Paperback - Embossed EB023 £10.00
A Slip of the Keyboard Paperback - Embossed EB008 £10.00
The Art of Discworld Softback - Embossed SB001 £15.00
The Carpet People Paperback - Embossed EB034 £10.00
The Long War Paperback - Embossed SB063PB £10.00
The Long Earth Paperback - Embossed SB057PB £10.00
Shaking Hands with Death - Embossed EB010 £4.00
A Blink of the Screen Paperback - Embossed SB059PB £10.00
Dragons at Crumbling Castle Paperback - Embossed EB011 £10.00
Better Call Saul Button Badge PP2112 £0.50
Marvel Captain America Button Badge PP1915 £0.50
Evil Plan Button Badge PP3929 £0.20
Twilight Group Button Badge PP1798 £0.20
Harry Potter Always Button Badge PP2773 £0.50
Apu (Thank You. Come Again) Button Badge PP1068 £0.20
Pink Union Jack Button Badge PP3935 £0.20
Marvel Thor Button Badge PP1917 £0.50
Marvel Fantastic Four Button Badge PP1918 £0.50
Stormtrooper Button Badge PP2578 £0.50
Uh.. I... Uh Forget Button Badge PP3930 £0.20
Monsters University Badge PP2091 £0.50
Butterfly Button Badge PP6378 £0.20
Union Jack Glitter Button Badge PPG1463 £0.20
Please Don't Interrupt Me Button Badge PP1106 £0.50
I Don't Discriminate Button Badge PP4966 £0.50
Gary 'Meow' Button Badge PP3932 £0.20
Gryffindor Badge PP2366 £0.50
Lisa Button Badge PP1080 £0.20
Homer - OH Cruel Fate! Button Badge PP1074 £0.20
Wonder Woman Button Badge PP1997 £0.50
Nerd Button Badge PP3685 £0.50
Ravenclaw Button badge PP2363 £0.50
The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Smile Button Badge PP1725 £0.50
Gonzo Button Badge PP1676 £0.20
Keep Calm Badge PP1949 £0.50
Exterminate Button Badge PP3834 £0.50
Family Guy Button Badge PP3921 £0.20
Marvel X-Men Button Badge PP1922 £0.50
Little Miss Naughty Button Badge PP3869 £0.20
Keep Calm and Carry On Button Badge PP1876 £0.50
Total: £169.85