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Death as the Hogfather Coaster CC01 £3.50
Librarian Hogswatch Coaster CC05 £3.50
The Wintersmith Hogswatch Coaster CC06 £3.50
Death of Rats Hogswatch Coaster CC02 £3.50
Jack Frost Hogswatch Coaster CC04 £3.50
Hogfather Mug MUG18 £8.00
Please Don't Interrupt Me Button Badge PP1106 £0.50
Ravenclaw Button badge PP2363 £0.50
Uh.. I... Uh Forget Button Badge PP3930 £0.20
Hogwarts Badge PP2810 £0.50
Wonder Woman Button Badge PP1997 £0.50
Alien Button Badge PP7017 £0.20
Apu (Thank You. Come Again) Button Badge PP1068 £0.20
Harry Potter Always Button Badge PP2773 £0.50
Bart - Whoa, Mama! Button Badge PP1069 £0.20
Marvel X-Men Button Badge PP1922 £0.50
On Day Release Button Badge PP3750 £0.50
Total: £29.80