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The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap A100 £25.00
Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys P71 £30.00
Rincewind Bust (metalised) BU004 £35.00
The Fifth Elephant Collector's Library - Embossed CL24 £20.00
Batman Logo Keyring RK38190 £2.00
Dr Who Cyberman Keyring RK38108 £2.00
The Sunshine Sanctuary Mug MUG12 £8.00
Feegle Hoarde Mug MUG34 £8.00
Four Horsemen Mug MUG35 £8.00
Greebo Pencil Mug MUG32 £8.00
Wyrd Sisters Photo Magnet PM04 £3.00
Death with Kitten Photo Magnet PM14 £3.00
Fabricati Diem Photo Magnet PM07 £3.00
Feegle Dweenie Coaster dwc-feegle £2.50
Nobby Dweenie Coaster dwc-nobby £2.50
Moist Dweenie Coaster dwc-moist £2.50
Vetinari Dweenie Coaster dwc-vetinari £2.50
The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner Collector’s Edition Slipcase - Embossed EB029 £30.00
Dodgers Guide to London - Embossed SB065 £15.00
Total: £210.00