Text Keyring - Chastity Belt BD-KEY024 £2.00
Metallic Keyring - Double Ice Cream BD-LTD215 £3.99
Future - Fortune Teller BD-AMC002 £2.50
Weird Girls sign sign04 £3.50
Women Who Wear Black sign sign03 £3.50
Make Friends With Strange Cats sign sign01 £3.50
All The Cool People Are Freaks sign sign05 £3.50
Anthill Inside Button Badge BB47 £1.00
The Sunshine Sanctuary Button Badge BB51 £1.00
The Last Hero Button Badge BB22 £1.00
Great A'Tuin Button Badge BB03 £1.00
Eldritch Sky Button Badge BB06 £1.00
Hand of God Button Badge BB08 £1.00
Assassins Button Badge BB46 £1.00
Mona Ogg Button Badge BB36 £1.00
Reformed Vampyre Button Badge BB13 £1.00
Vampyre Bat Button Badge BB27 £1.00
Glad to be Grey Button Badge BB43 £1.00
Nac Mac Feegle Button Badge BB01 £1.00
Swamp Dragons Button Badge BB12 £1.00
White Horse Button Badge BB25 £1.00
The Librarian Button Badge BB14 £1.00
The Grim Squeaker Button Badge BB23 £1.00
I Love Ankh-Morpork Button Badge BB26 £1.00
Grumpy Librarian Button Badge BB19 £1.00
Pink PussyCat Club Button Badge BB50 £1.00
Susan Button Badge BB09 £1.00
The Luggage Button Badge BB04 £1.00
Nac Mac Feegle Face Button Badge BB24 £1.00
Mort Button Badge BB35 £1.00
Feeglespotting Keyring KEY01 £6.99
The Luggage Keyring KEY05 £6.99
Reaperman Keyring KEY04 £6.99
Mr Fluffy Keyring KEY02 £6.99
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Imaginarium Special Edition - Pre-order EB052 £75.00
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Imaginarium Deluxe Special Edition - Pre-order EB053 £100.00
Vitruvian Rincewind Button Badge BB21 £1.00
The Ankh-Morpork City Watch Keyring KEY06 £7.99
Rincewind and Luggage Sepia Card SC15 £2.50
Boyfriend - Fortune Teller BD-AMC004 £2.50
Susan Sepia Card SC05 £2.50
Beti Sepia Card SC10 £2.50
Mort Sepia Card SC14 £2.50
The Librarian Sepia Card SC09 £2.50
Greebo Sepia Card SC06 £2.50
Mona Ogg Sepia Card SC03 £2.50
Greebo the Man Sepia Card SC11 £2.50
The Unusual Suspects Sepia Card SC01 £2.50
Errol Sepia Card SC16 £2.50
Wee Mad Arthur Sepia Card SC13 £2.50
Bande with Rockes Sepia Card SC12 £2.50
Great A'Tuin Sepia Card SC08 £2.50
Total: £292.44