Reaperman Button Badge BB34 £1.00
Pale Rider Button Badge BB05 £1.00
Octarine Button Badge BB55 £1.00
Grave Stud Earring E244 £7.50
Heart's Blood studs E332 £12.00
Bat Studs Earrings E186 £5.00
Death Stud Earrings E76 £4.50
Blackheart Studs E208 £10.00
Ravenella's Tears Earring E225 £10.00
Sparkling Death Earring E237 £10.00
Moist von Lipwig Dweenie Badge dwb-moist £3.50
Librarian Dweenie Badge dwb-librarian £3.50
Tiffany Button Badge BB39 £1.00
Greebo Button Badge BB02 £1.00
The Three Witches Button Badge BB33 £1.00
Nanny & Granny Button Badge BB15 £1.00
Vetinari Dweenie Badge dwb-vetinari £3.50
Granny on a Broomstick Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m26a £10.00
Greebo and Greebo as a Man Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m36a £12.50
Nanny Ogg on a Broomstick Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m27a £9.50
Granny at the Opera Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m12a £8.00
Magrat on a Broomstick Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m28a £9.50
Paperback Night Watch - Embossed PK029 £10.00
Cassanora Choker P449 £20.00
Rincewind Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP02 £2.95
Framed Sepia Rincewind F015 £35.00
Window Sticker - Feegles Running ST01 £2.99
Anthill Inside Holographic Sticker ST07 £1.50
Total: £198.44