Death as Hogfather Bust (metalised) BU006 £40.00
Death Dweenie Badge dwb-death £3.50
Trading Card - Red Death TC-024 £1.50
Death Glass Chopping Board BOARD03 £15.00
Death Dweenie Magnet dwm-death £2.00
Death With Kitten Greetings Card GC05 £2.95
Death With Steepled Fingers Greetings Card GC06 £2.95
Framed Death F008 £45.00
Death With Kitten Mounted Print MOUNT04 £30.00
Death & Albert Hogswatch Card HWC06 £2.95
Death Mounted Print MOUNTPP01 £30.00
Death of Rats Button Badge BB11 £1.00
Death Notebook NOTE03 £15.00
Death with Guitar Miniature dw30m09a £9.00
Total: £200.85