Grumpy Librarian Mounted Print MOUNT06 £30.00
Vetinari Mounted Print MOUNTPP08 £30.00
Nanny Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP04 £2.95
Granny Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP03 £2.95
Wyrd Sisters Mounted Print MOUNT09 £30.00
Something Wicked Mounted Print MOUNT01 £30.00
Great A'Tuin Mounted Print MOUNT02 £30.00
Death With Steepled Fingers Mounted Print MOUNT03 £30.00
Librarian Mounted Print MOUNTPP05 £30.00
Tiffany Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP06 £2.95
Bat Dress Pins DP03 £11.00
Dragon Claw Dress Pins DP04 £11.00
Memling Skull Dress Pins DP01 £11.00
Poison Belt Buckle RW003 £15.00
Grab Schadel Pin P72 £15.00
Steam Punk Artificer's Utility Pin AKP3 £25.00
Last Laugh belt buckle RW009 £18.00
The Silver Horse Pendant J05 £45.00
The Silver Hare Pendant J03 £45.00
The Golden Hare Pendant J04 £55.00
Tiffany's Necklace J06 £60.00
Sailor tattoo design white Wallet RW005 £8.00
Sailor tattoo design black Wallet RW006 £8.00
Playing card design Wallet RW007 £8.00
Silver spider web Wallet RW008 £8.00
Vetinari Dweenie Badge dwb-vetinari £3.50
Vimes Dweenie Badge dwb-vimes £3.50
Librarian Dweenie Badge dwb-librarian £3.50
Terry Dweenie Badge dwb-terry £3.50
Twoflower Dweenie Badge dwb-twoflower £3.50
Total: £579.35