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RR928 - Unger replacement rubber 36”. Soft. Pack of 5. Can be cut to size. (remove) £8.65£8.65
BDW01/CIGBIN/STL - Curved cigarette bin. Wall mountable. (remove) £55.00£55.00
ON350 - Unger white unitec sleeve 35cm/14”. With press stud lock. Ideal for diy use or occasional window cleaning. (remove) £3.15£3.15
RMPOI - Rat & mouse poison. Slaymor 400g pellets. (remove) £5.55£5.55
MS450 - Unger monsoon sleeve 45cm/18”. With velcro fastener and side scrub pad. Long fibres for high water absorption. (remove) £5.85£5.85
SR20K - Unger pocket safety scraper. 4cm with locking mechanism protects blades from gliding off accidentally. (remove) £2.65£2.65
WV900 - plastic aluminous hand shovel duarable & strong (remove) £6.50£6.50
BSPHG - Unger ergotec personal bag. (remove) £8.65£8.65
BSDHR - Unger ergotec double holster. (remove) £12.85£12.85
BSMKT - Unger ergotec full belt system master kit. Includes all ergotec items above/below. 8 items in total. (remove) £62.50£62.50
WS450 - Standard lambs wool sleeve ws450 with velcro fastener. 45cm/18”. Ideal for professional use. No side scrub pad. (remove) £5.85£5.85
MS350 - Unger monsoon sleeve 35cm/14”. With velcro fastener and side scrub pad. Long fibres for high water absorption. (remove) £4.95£4.95
SHUR-VARI - Shur flow varistreamer. Ideal for waterfed pole systems. (remove) £72.50£72.50
TD600 - Unger extension pole 3x2m section teleplus pole. Td600. Extends to 6 metres/20ft (remove) £42.50£42.50
BB010 - Unger bucket on a belt. Green. (remove) £13.20£13.20
CREV/TOOL - Spare crevice tool for henry vacs. (remove) £2.85£2.85
WET/FL/SIGN - Warning sign for wet areas. Yellow. (remove) £8.85£8.85
GLOV3 - Neoprene gloves x large. (remove) £11.50£11.50
BDW05A/CIGBIN/BLK - Slim line cigarette bin. (remove) £22.50£22.50
GP000 - Brass gold pro-squeegee. Gp000. Handle quick release with rubber grip. For use with gc-channel. (remove) £3.26£3.26
STFBH60 - Stiff basine bristle brush head 24”/60cm. (remove) £5.65£5.65
WS350 - Standard lambs wool sleeve ws350 with velcro fastener. 35cm/14”. Ideal for professional use. No side scrub pad. (remove) £4.95£4.95
SRB10 - Unger blades for pocket safety scraper. Pack of 25 4cm blades. (remove) £2.85£2.85
HIXXL - Unger replacement rubber 15 metre roll. Soft. (remove) £28.40£28.40
MOP/SOCK/BL - Red colour coded mop head. Quality mop head with push fit socket. (remove) £7.85£7.85
QB220 - Unger large oblong green window cleaners bucket with handle. (remove) £13.50£13.50
MOPBUK/16L/RED - Red commercial use mop bucket and ringer strong durable bucket ideal for regular use. (remove) £6.85£6.85

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