Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
Zaglushitel 10 anteni (remove) BGL 720.00BGL 720.00
Audiorekorder model 2 (remove) BGL 40.00BGL 40.00
Chasovnik Model 1 (remove) BGL 60.00BGL 60.00
Mini zaglushitel GSM (remove) BGL 130.00BGL 130.00
Zaglushitel kamuflaj (remove) BGL 540.00BGL 540.00
Chasovnik Model 2 (remove) BGL 45.00BGL 45.00
Shpionka (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
GSM kutia za raka (remove) BGL 110.00BGL 110.00
Kalaf GSM (remove) BGL 10.00BGL 10.00
Audiorekorder Model 5 (remove) BGL 40.00BGL 40.00

 SubtotalBGL 1,745.00
Current shipping is  ShippingBGL 0.00
Currency is Bulgarian LevTotalBGL 1,745.00
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