Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
Micro SD karta 8GB (remove) BGL 10.00BGL 10.00
Skrita kamera v distancionno Model 1 (remove) BGL 20.00BGL 20.00
Adapter (remove) BGL 5.00BGL 5.00
Chasovnik Model 1 (remove) BGL 60.00BGL 60.00
Zaglushitel GSM (remove) BGL 95.00BGL 95.00
Skrita kamera v slanchevi ochila (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
Zaglushitel kamuflaj (remove) BGL 590.00BGL 590.00
Falshiva kamera (remove) BGL 10.00BGL 10.00
GSM 3G WiFi zaglushitel (remove) BGL 140.00BGL 140.00
Mishka defekt (remove) BGL 30.00BGL 30.00
Detektor Model 1 (remove) BGL 20.00BGL 20.00
Chasovnik Model 2 (remove) BGL 45.00BGL 45.00
Kamera v krast (remove) BGL 95.00BGL 95.00
Detektor Model 2 (remove) BGL 60.00BGL 60.00
Audiorekorder Model 4 (remove) BGL 40.00BGL 40.00
Shpionka (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
GPS traker (remove) BGL 60.00BGL 60.00
GPS zaglushitel s displei (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
Kabel podslushvatel (remove) BGL 35.00BGL 35.00
Skrita kamera v distancionno Model 2 (remove) BGL 25.00BGL 25.00
Skrita kamera v himikalka (remove) BGL 20.00BGL 20.00
Skrita kamera v zapalka (remove) BGL 20.00BGL 20.00
USB endoskop kamera (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
Chestoten broiach (remove) BGL 130.00BGL 130.00
Zariadno za kola (remove) BGL 5.00BGL 5.00
Skrita kamera v distancionno Model 1 defekt (remove) BGL 10.00BGL 10.00
Audiorekorder model 3 (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
Mikroslushalki model 3 (remove) BGL 20.00BGL 20.00
Kalaf GSM (remove) BGL 10.00BGL 10.00
Podslushvatel Model 4 (remove) BGL 80.00BGL 80.00
GPS zaglushitel L1 L2 (remove) BGL 55.00BGL 55.00
Ochila (remove) BGL 30.00BGL 30.00
Primka model 2 (remove) BGL 30.00BGL 30.00
Chasovnik Model 4 (remove) BGL 90.00BGL 90.00

 SubtotalBGL 2,090.00
Current shipping is  ShippingBGL 0.00
Currency is Bulgarian LevTotalBGL 2,090.00
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