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Frost-o-Holic De-Icer (remove) £4.99£4.99
2.5m Extension Cable (Acc-Extend) (remove) £7.99£7.99
SIC-D Soft indoor cover (remove) £105.00£105.00
Blackfire Black Ice Sealant wax (remove) £98.00£98.00
Electronic water hardness meter (remove) £16.99£16.99
AIR-16 Air Chamber (remove) £699.00£699.00
Hybrid Blue Paste Wax 100ml (RG-HB-Sm) (remove) £33.00£33.00
P21S Concours Look Carnauba Wax (P21S-Wax) (remove) £33.95£33.95
Gloss Shampoo Gloss - GI-Wash-G (remove) £90.00£90.00
CTEK MXS25 Heavy Duty Battery Conditioner - CTEK-25 (remove) £219.99£219.99
Gliptone ClearCoat Compound GT22016 (remove) £8.99£8.99
Gloss Activator - GL-Activ-8 (remove) £9.95£9.95
HDW-XL1 Heavy duty waterproof cover (remove) £192.00£192.00
Prot4-XL Breathable Fleece-lined cover (remove) £120.00£120.00
AIR-06 Air Chamber (remove) £490.00£490.00
Gliptone Emerald Clean Degreaser GT1722 (remove) £6.39£6.39
Blackfire Advanced Pad Cleaner (remove) £10.00£10.00
55 Wax (RG-SS-55) (remove) £68.00£68.00
Budget Car Cover Saloon Small SalSm (remove) £57.00£57.00
Budget Car Cover Rolls Royce / Bentley RR (remove) £69.00£69.00
55 Signature Series Sample wax (RGSS-55) (remove) £5.00£5.00
VW-T3 VWT3-camervan tailored breathable outdoor cover (remove) £120.00£120.00
4x4 Wax Valeting Kit (RG4x4 Valeting Kit) (remove) £120.00£120.00
Small Budget Car Cover MP9851 (remove) £25.00£25.00
R222 Gel High Performance Wheel Cleaner 500ml Kit(R222HighPerfGel) (remove) £13.95£13.95
Blackfire Gloss-Enhancing Polish (remove) £14.99£14.99
RG-SSK42 Signature Series Valeting Kit 42 Wax (remove) £93.00£93.00
Satin Leather Cleaner - GI-L-16 (remove) £12.00£12.00
SuperNatural Hybrid Paste Sealant 100ml (remove) £21.70£21.70
Cigar Lighter socket adaptor (remove) £12.99£12.99

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