Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
Zaglushitel 10 anteni (remove) BGL 720.00BGL 720.00
Audiorekorder model 2 (remove) BGL 40.00BGL 40.00
Chasovnik Model 1 (remove) BGL 60.00BGL 60.00
Mini zaglushitel GSM (remove) BGL 130.00BGL 130.00
Zaglushitel kamuflaj (remove) BGL 540.00BGL 540.00
Chasovnik Model 2 (remove) BGL 45.00BGL 45.00
Shpionka (remove) BGL 50.00BGL 50.00
GSM kutia za raka (remove) BGL 110.00BGL 110.00
Kalaf GSM (remove) BGL 10.00BGL 10.00

 SubtotalBGL 1,705.00
Current shipping is  ShippingBGL 0.00
Currency is Bulgarian LevTotalBGL 1,705.00
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