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Bobbin Bluetit Needlefelting Kit (CC01) (remove) £9.99£9.99
Laminated Guide to Foraging (FG46) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Holly Greenman Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD45) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Long Tailed Tit Needlefelting Kit (CC16) (remove) £10.99£10.99
White Stag Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD46) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Laminated Guide to Longhorn Beetles (FG52) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Fox Needlefelting Kit (CC04) (remove) £14.99£14.99
Hummingbird Hawk Moth Blank Greetings Card (RD35) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Garden Birds Identification A5 Postcard (RD189) (remove) £1.50£1.50
Laminated Guide The Tree Name Trail (FG12) (remove) £4.49£4.49
Lets Look for Butterflies (FFP02) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Thistle A6 Notebook (RD79) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Lets Look for Minibeasts (FFP21) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Reindeer and Red Squirrel Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD138) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Yuletide Goddess Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD47) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Garden Birds Blank Greetings Card (RD33) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Mull of Galloway Lighthouse and Topograph Greetings Card A6 (CN60) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Devorgilla Bridge Dumfries Greetings Card A6 (CN74) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Schools Bug Hunting Kit No Nets (WK13) (remove) £99.00£99.00
Highland Cattle Greetings Card A6 (CN66) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Easy Hold Wooden Magnifier (CD24) (remove) £6.99£6.99
Pack of Five Small Collecting Jars (UK06s) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Laminated Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians (FG04) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Wren Needlefelting Kit (CC18) (remove) £10.99£10.99
Laminated Guide to British Owls and Owl Pellets (FG33) (remove) £3.49£3.49
About Bugs Kit (WFF08) (remove) £10.95£10.95
Insects Playing Cards (HER05) (remove) £3.99£3.99
Fox and Robin Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD44) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Beanbag Frog Sewing Kit (CC11) (remove) £7.50£7.50
Laminated Guide to Keeping Tadpoles (FG07) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Pocket Microscope and Telescope (KC41) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Butterflies Identification Postcard (WF121d) (remove) £1.25£1.25
NT Look and Say What You See in the Countryside (NC05) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Large Pooter (IV08) (remove) £3.45£3.45
Wildflowers Blank Greetings Card (RD30) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Invertebrates Blank Greetings Card (RD11) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Laminated Guide to Summer Coastal Birds (FG44) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Laminated Guide to Day-flying moths of Britain (FG27) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Butterfly A5 Notebook (RD160) (remove) £3.00£3.00
Natterjack Toad Blank Greetings Card (RD18) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Pollinating Co Bee Nester (WW83) (remove) £11.95£11.95
Glentrool Greetings Card A6 (CN47) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Patchwork Owls Greetings Card (HG78) (remove) £0.99£0.99
Butterfly Feeding Kit (WK05) (remove) £11.99£11.99
Sun Print Paper Kit (TB08) (remove) £3.95£3.95
Mute Swan Cygnets Greetings Card A6 (CN51) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Black Guillimot Portpatrick Blank Greetings Card (RD29) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Bumblebee A6 Notebook (RD68) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Red Deer Stag Blank Greetings Card (RD23) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Five Bug Collecting Jars (OD01j) (remove) £3.95£3.95
Scottish Hare Needlefelting Kit (CC05) (remove) £19.99£19.99
Bumblebee A5 Notebook (RD157) (remove) £3.00£3.00
Dewdrop Bee and Bug Hotel (WW57) (remove) £15.95£15.95
Invertebrates A6 Notebook (RD73) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Brown Hare Blank Greetings Card (RD129) (remove) £1.25£1.25
WT Red Deer Stag Christmas Cards Large (GC12) (remove) £2.49£2.49
Blossom Mouse Crochet Kit (CC09) (remove) £9.75£9.75
Pocket Iluminated Loupe (UK05) (remove) £8.95£8.95
Schools Bird Watching Kit (WK14) (remove) £112.95£112.95
Lets Look for Garden Wildlife (FFP04) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Garden Tiger Moth Greetings Card A6 (CN50) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Laminated Guide to British Land Mammals (FG05) (remove) £3.49£3.49
WT White Tailed Eagle Christmas Cards (GC23) (remove) £2.49£2.49
Farley Fox Knitting Kit (CC07) (remove) £9.75£9.75
Polar Bear Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD46) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Garden Birds Notecard Pack (RD152) (remove) £5.95£5.95
Butterfly and Insect Net (TB03) (remove) £3.15£3.15
Knit Your Own Bunnies Kit (CC06) (remove) £9.75£9.75
Barn Owl Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD42) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Lets Look for Trees (FFP20) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Ladybird A5 Notebook (RD158) (remove) £3.00£3.00
British Butterflies Blank Greetings Card (RD183) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Hedgehog Blank Greetings Card (RD10) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Dundrennan Abbey Greetings Card A6 (CN55) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Large Schools Pond Dipping Kit No Nets (WK07) (remove) £129.95£129.95
Tree Leaves Identification Poster (WF139e) (remove) £3.99£3.99
Mercury Moth Trap Bulb (JT04) (remove) £24.95£24.95
Laminated Guide to British Freshwater Fishes (FG31) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Bumblebee Box (FF05) (remove) £34.95£34.95
Animals Card Kit (FF49) (remove) £3.95£3.95
Bluetit Needlefelting Kit (CC15) (remove) £10.99£10.99
Lets Look for Wild Flowers (FFP05) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Pack of Five Pipettes (UK13) (remove) £1.50£1.50
Mountain Hare Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD149) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Patchwork Owl Sewing Kit (CC12) (remove) £7.50£7.50
Bug Tongs (IV09) (remove) £2.95£2.95
Black Steel Peanut Feeder (FS01) (remove) £4.99£4.99
Wooden Flower Press (PW05) (remove) £3.95£3.95
Buzzerks Mantis Goggles (IL31) (remove) £5.25£5.25
Garden Birds Two Card Kit (FF44) (remove) £3.95£3.95
Sleeping Badger Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD139) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Bobbin Robin Needlefelting Kit (CC02) (remove) £9.99£9.99
Scottish Puffin Appliqué Kit (CC13) (remove) £9.75£9.75
Ardwell Church Greetings Card A6 (CN48) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Bug Hunter Pooter (OD01) (remove) £3.75£3.75
Scottish Heather Honey Blank Greetings Card (RD26) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Red Squirrel Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD141) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Bobbin Long Tailed Tit Needlefelting Kit (CC03) (remove) £9.99£9.99
Ladybird A6 Notebook (RD74) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Butterflies Sticker Play Scene (FFP18) (remove) £3.50£3.50
Supreme Bug Viewer (CD19) (remove) £3.25£3.25
Swallows Photographic Greetings Card (CN33) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Greenman Blank Greetings Card (RD09) (remove) £1.25£1.25
UV Moth Trap Bulb (JT05) (remove) £14.95£14.95
Giant Bug Viewer (CD18) (remove) £6.49£6.49
Large Black Steel Peanut Feeder (FS06) (remove) £6.99£6.99
Laminated Guide to Hawkmoths (FG19) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Large Schools Pond Dipping Kit Small Nets (WK10) (remove) £145.95£145.95
Orange Tip Butterfly Greetings Card (HG14) (remove) £1.99£1.99
Alphabet Wall Frieze (FFP08) (remove) £6.99£6.99
Small Schools Pond Dipping Kit Small Nets (WK08) (remove) £89.95£89.95
Barn Owl Blank Greetings Card (RD03) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Yule Bouquet Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD144) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Three Magnified Insect Boxes (UK02) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Laminated Guide to Birds of Prey (FG43) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Double Lens Magnifying Glass (OD10) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Laminated Guide to Plants Common on Sand Dunes (FG47) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Snail A5 Notebook (RD159) (remove) £3.00£3.00
Badger and Dove Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD41) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Wild Flowers A6 Notebook (RD81) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Sunset Photographic Greetings Card A6 (CN45) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Robin Needlefelting Kit (CC17) (remove) £10.99£10.99
Robin Post Topper (NW04) (remove) £15.50£15.50
Butterflies Playing Cards (HER04) (remove) £3.99£3.99
Rook Blank Greetings Card (RD25) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Small Schools Pond Dipping Kit No Nets (WK01) (remove) £79.95£79.95
Three Small Magnified Insect Boxes (UK01) (remove) £2.49£2.49
Cotton Shopping Bag (WB04) (remove) £0.99£0.99
Laminated Guide to British Mammal Tracks and Signs (FG11) (remove) £4.49£4.49
Pooter and Two Jars (OD01p) (remove) £5.25£5.25
Laminated Guide to Commoner Water Plants (FG35) (remove) £4.49£4.49
Minibeast Magic Book (FSC27) (remove) £15.00£15.00
Five Mini Magnifying Glasses (UK04) (remove) £2.95£2.95
Pack of five Collecting Jars (UK06) (remove) £2.95£2.95
Laminated the Top 50 Garden Birds (FG08) (remove) £4.49£4.49
Laminated Guide to Moorland Plants (FSC30) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Snowy Stranraer Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD143) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Garden Gnome Blank Greetings Card (RD08) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Red Fox Blank Greetings Card (RD130) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Minibeasts Notecard Pack (RD153) (remove) £5.95£5.95
Garden Tiger Moth Photographic Greetings Card (CN23) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Pewter Tawny Owl Pin Badge (PP08) (remove) £2.49£2.49
Laminated Guide to Butterflies (FG02) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Pack of 5 Bug Collector Pooters (CD12) (remove) £14.95£14.95
Adder Greetings Card A6 (CN57) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Zebra Blank Greetings Card (RD131) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Gannets Blank Greetings Card (RD07) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Laminated Freshwater Name Trail (FG28) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Snowy Portpatrick Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD142) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Drumlanrig Castle Photographic Greetings Card (CN07) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Insects Identification A5 Postcard (WF121c) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Red Squirrel Blank Greetings Card (RD128) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Puffin Blank Greetings Card (RD23) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Laminated Guide to Caterpillars (FG03) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Wild Flower Identification Postcard (WF121l) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Tree Sparrow Blank Greetings Card (RD28) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Creetown Greetings Card A6 (CN65) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Moths Blank Greetings Card (RD16) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Large Schools Pond Dipping Kit Large Nets (WK11) (remove) £249.95£249.95
Long eared Owl Greetings Card (HG44) (remove) £0.99£0.99
Laminated Guide to Bees (FG14) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Lapwing Mersehead Blank Greetings Card (RD13) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Roman Bridge Greetings Card A6 (CN76) (remove) £1.95£1.95
Small Schools Pond Dipping Kit Large Nets (WK09) (remove) £145.95£145.95
Butterflies A6 Notebook (RD70) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Autumn Leaf Photographic Greetings Card (CN34) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Owls Double-sided Gift Wrap (HG64) (remove) £2.25£2.25
Pack of 6 Rainbow Bug Tongs (CD22) (remove) £10.00£10.00
WT Mountain Hare Christmas Cards (GC05) (remove) £2.49£2.49
Mary Mouse and Friends Knitting Kit (CC08) (remove) £9.75£9.75
Celtic Knot Blank Christmas Greetings Card (RD43) (remove) £1.25£1.25
Laminated Guide to Winter Coastal Birds (FG53) (remove) £3.49£3.49
Ardwell Church Photographic Greetings Card A5 (CN01) (remove) £2.50£2.50
Monocular 10x25 (JS01) (remove) £11.50£11.50

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