Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
Audiorekorder Model 6 (remove) BGL 20.00BGL 20.00
Podslushvatel SIM model 2 (remove) BGL 30.00BGL 30.00
Podslushvatel SIM model 3 (remove) BGL 70.00BGL 70.00
Skrita kamera v kopche (remove) BGL 15.00BGL 15.00
Skrita kamera v zakachalka (remove) BGL 30.00BGL 30.00
GPS zaglushitel (remove) BGL 95.00BGL 95.00
Kamera v detektor za dim (remove) BGL 40.00BGL 40.00
Himikal GPS (remove) BGL 90.00BGL 90.00
Kamera v zakachalka s distancionno (remove) BGL 40.00BGL 40.00
Zaglushitel 433 MHz (remove) BGL 90.00BGL 90.00

 SubtotalBGL 520.00
Current shipping is  ShippingBGL 0.00
Currency is Bulgarian LevTotalBGL 520.00
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