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Koni Coil Over Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kit-BMW E46 Cabriolet inc M-Tech (remove) £867.00£867.00
Koni Springs-VW Golf Mk3 1.4i, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0i. 70mm Front spring (remove) £472.00£472.00
KNGen2-57i6510 (remove) £182.00£182.00
KNGen2-57i6508 (remove) £186.00£186.00
KN Typhoon-Intake-System-69-8000TB (remove) £196.00£196.00
Koni Springs-Vauxhall Nova 1.6 GTE (remove) £436.00£436.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6173 (remove) £117.95£117.95
KN 57iKit-Vauxhall Tigra B 1.3 Diesel (remove) £70.00£70.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6065 (remove) £117.95£117.95
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6069 (remove) £117.95£117.95
KN 57iKit-Vauxhall Astra Mk5 2.0i Turbo (remove) £91.00£91.00
KN 57iKit-Vauxhall Meriva 1.6i 8v 87BHP (remove) £81.00£81.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6049 (remove) £110.95£110.95
Koni Springs-Street Suspension Kit-1110-7025 (remove) £295.00£295.00
Koni Springs-Renault Clio Mk2 1.4i, 1.6i 1.9D (remove) £472.00£472.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6086 (remove) £117.95£117.95
Koni Coil Over Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kit-Vauxhall Corsa C (remove) £820.00£820.00
KN 57iKit-Mazda Xedos 6 2.0i V6 141BHP (remove) £83.50£83.50
KN Typhoon-Intake-System-69-9501TB (remove) £240.00£240.00
Koni Springs-Ford Mondeo 1.8TDS 2.5 V6. Saloon Hatch-00-03 (remove) £536.00£536.00
Koni Springs-Audi 100, 200 Series (5 Cyl). Except 20v Quattro-90-94 (remove) £472.00£472.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6106 (remove) £81.95£81.95
KN 57iKit-Lotus Elise 111S 1.8i 16v VVC 157BHP (remove) £87.45£87.45
KN Typhoon-Intake-System-69-2020TP (remove) £143.00£143.00
Koni Springs-Saab 9000 2.0i, 2.3i 2.0T-92-98 (remove) £472.00£472.00
KN Typhoon-Intake-System-69-8756TB (remove) £169.00£169.00
KN 57iKit-Fiat Punto 1.2i 16v (remove) £73.00£73.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6025 (remove) £117.95£117.95
KN 57iKit-Seat Cordoba 1.6i 8v Spi (remove) £73.50£73.50
Koni Springs-Street Suspension Kit-1110-7063 (remove) £295.00£295.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6125 (remove) £117.95£117.95
Koni Springs-VW Polo (Exc. G40) (remove) £472.00£472.00
Koni Coil Over Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kit-Audi A6 Saloon 1.8, 1.8T, 2.0 (remove) £820.00£820.00
Koni Springs-Street Suspension Kit-1110-7022 (remove) £295.00£295.00
KN 57iKit-VW Golf R32 3.2i V6 DOHC 241bhp (remove) £82.00£82.00
Koni Springs-Peugeot 206 1.4i, 1.6i 2.0GTI (remove) £436.00£436.00
KN 57iKit-Ford Focus rs 16v dohc (remove) £125.00£125.00
Koni Coil Over Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kit-Audi A4 Saloon/Avant (remove) £820.00£820.00
KN 57iKit-Toyota Celica 2.0 16v (ST182) (remove) £55.00£55.00
Koni Coil Over Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kit-Ford Focus Estate (remove) £796.00£796.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6038 (remove) £110.95£110.95
Koni Springs-Mercedes 200 Series (W124) 200, 230, 220D. Exc levell (remove) £492.00£492.00
Koni Springs-Street Suspension Kit-1110-7059 (remove) £295.00£295.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6042 (remove) £117.95£117.95
Koni Springs-Rover 25 1.1i, 1.4i, 1.6i 2.0TD (remove) £472.00£472.00
Koni Coil Over Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Kit-Vauxhall Astra G Coupe (remove) £791.00£791.00
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6071 (remove) £117.95£117.95
Koni Sports Springs Lowering Kit-1020-6044 (remove) £107.95£107.95
KN 57iKit-v (remove) £56.00£56.00
Koni Springs-Street Suspension Kit-1110-7043 (remove) £295.00£295.00

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