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Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
   SGS61 Iron ring - large (remove)
   AD28 Wolf head V ring - large (remove)
   AD118 Raven wing ring - large (remove)
   ADR91 Wolf head ring - large (remove)
   SGS223 Iron snake ring - XL (remove)
   ADRUS Urnes serpent ring - small (remove)
   AD27 Rune ring - small (remove)
   SGS61 Iron ring - XL (remove)
   ADR90 Raven head ring - large (remove)
   ADRUS Urnes serpent ring - medium (remove)
   BKIG Viking and Slavic Designs book - vol 2 (remove)
   SBBK3 Viking Outdoor Clothing Book (remove)
   AD25 Urnes dragon ring - large (remove)
   WLSBR06S Twisted wolves ring - small (remove)
   SBBK1 Viking Shirt & Tunic Book (remove)
   AD31 Spiral wolf ring - small (remove)
   AD24 Raven ring - small (remove)
   WLSBR06S Twisted wolves ring - large (remove)
   BKNT1 Nordic tattoo book (remove)
   AD30 Ridged double wolf ring - XL (remove)
   WLSBR06S Twisted wolves ring - XL (remove)
   AD26 Dragon ring - small (remove)
   AD134 Jelling dragon pendant - silver (remove)
   ADR91 Wolf head ring - medium (remove)
   SG305 Mead bottle only (remove)

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