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KG4 Race Glaze Professional Rotary Polisher (remove) £93.50£93.50
Kestrel DAS-6 Dual Action Introductory Polishing Kit (Option 2) (remove) £124.00£124.00
Z803 Zymol Seal (remove) £33.00£33.00
M14 75mm Rotary Backing plate (remove) £11.49£11.49
KG8 Farecla G10 finishing compound (remove) £14.00£14.00
KG7 Farecla G3 Cutting Compound (remove) £22.99£22.99
M10532 Meguiars 32oz 105 Ultra Cut Compound (remove) £25.49£25.49
ZC206 Zymol Lehm Klay III (remove) £74.00£74.00
DA-125mmPlate 125mm DA Backing plate (remove) £14.99£14.99
Kestrel DAS-6 DA Polishing Machine (remove) £84.75£84.75
KG2a Silverline substitute kit (remove) £117.99£117.99
Kestrel DAS-6 DA Polishing Machine Soft Kit (remove) £114.99£114.99
KG13a Flexipads 7inch Yellow Polishing Pad (remove) £10.99£10.99
KG15 Meguiars W8006 6 Polishing pad (remove) £12.72£12.72
KG12a GlossIt 3.75inchOrange Pad (remove) £7.95£7.95
Kestrel Kit DAS-6 DA Polishing Machine and Compounds Kit (remove) £94.99£94.99

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