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Old and New Lead and Plastic Figures
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
ALY 900/4-B - Mussolini Facist Party Uniform (remove) £15.50£15.50
ALY BF-59 - Prince Philippe "La Hard" (remove) £18.50£18.50
ALY BF-51 - The Black Prince (remove) £18.50£18.50
ALY 27/1-S - Special Forces 1966 USA (remove) £13.00£13.00
ALY 230/2 - Infantry Sergeant "Ragiput" Regiment India (remove) £12.00£12.00
ALY 900/3-AU - Stalin Saluting (unpainted casting) (remove) £8.00£8.00

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Currency is British PoundTotal£72.67
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