Airpark Coffee
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
Colombian Ground (remove) $9.95$9.95
Espresso Beans (remove) $15.95$15.95
Decaffinated Beans (remove) $9.95$9.95
Kona Sample (remove) $2.95$2.95
Sumatran Ground (remove) $11.95$11.95
Jamaican Blue Ground (remove) $9.95$9.95
Christmas Basket (remove) $39.00$39.00
Fiji Case of 12 (remove) $72.00$72.00
Voss Case of 12 (remove) $68.00$68.00
French Roast Ground (remove) $11.95$11.95
Fiji Six Pack (remove) $34.00$34.00
Brazilian Ground (remove) $9.95$9.95
Hanukkah Basket (remove) $39.00$39.00
French Roast Beans (remove) $11.95$11.95
Organic Mexican Ground (remove) $15.95$15.95
Kona Ground (remove) $9.95$9.95
Voss Bottle (remove) $5.99$5.99
Gleneagles Case of 12 (remove) $150.00$150.00
Sumatran Beans (remove) $11.95$11.95
Brazilian Beans (remove) $9.95$9.95

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Currency is US DollarTotal$722.34
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