Peter Pig. 34-36 Knightsdale Road,

Weymouth,Dorset. DT4 0HS

07552 734872

Peter Pig

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21b65 - Normandy Cafe (Euro buyer) (remove) £11.00£11.00
21a14 - SCENERY Russian barn (UK buyer) (remove) £5.00£5.00
21b58 - Normandy church (Euro buyer) (remove) £14.50£14.50
21b47 - Normandy shorter shop/workshop (Euro buyer) (remove) £10.00£10.00
21a69 - SCENERY Jungle house long(UK buyer) (remove) £7.00£7.00
21c76 - ACW outbuildings (US/world buyer) (remove) £3.50£3.50
21b21 - Western jail (Euro buyer) (remove) £4.50£4.50
21a23 - SCENERY Western store 2(UK buyer) (remove) £4.50£4.50
21c83 - DARK AGES buildings Garrison building (US/WORLD BUYER) (remove) £5.50£5.50
21a73 - SCENERY ACW small farmhouse (UK buyer) (remove) £5.00£5.00
21b45 - Normandy houses (Euro buyer) (remove) £11.00£11.00
08526 - Dogs(3 types, 8 dogs) (remove) £3.20£3.20
21007 - JapBunker MG (remove) £3.20£3.20

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Peter Pig. 07552 734872