Dr Who Cyberman Keyring RK38108 £2.00
Playing card design Wallet RW007 £8.00
Dr Who The Tardis Keyring RK38106 £2.00
Sailor tattoo design black Wallet RW006 £8.00
Batman Logo Keyring RK38190 £2.00
Dr Who Dalek Keyring RK38105 £2.00
Sailor tattoo design white Wallet RW005 £8.00
Silver spider web Wallet RW008 £8.00
Nanny Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP04 £2.95
Tiffany Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP06 £2.95
Granny Paper Panda Greetings Card GCPP03 £2.95
Moist von Lipwig Dweenie Badge dwb-moist £3.50
Twoflower Dweenie Badge dwb-twoflower £3.50
Vetinari Dweenie Badge dwb-vetinari £3.50
Vimes Dweenie Badge dwb-vimes £3.50
Terry Dweenie Badge dwb-terry £3.50
Feegle Dweenie Badge dwb-feegle £3.50
Susan Dweenie Badge dwb-susan £3.50
Clacks - A Discworld Board Game GAME06 £30.00
Librarian Dweenie Badge dwb-librarian £3.50
Vitruvian Rincewind Button Badge BB21 £1.00
Rincewind Screaming Button Badge BB07 £1.00
Rincewind Running Button Badge BB10 £1.00
Greebo Sepia Card SC06 £2.50
The Unusual Suspects Sepia Card SC01 £2.50
The Librarian Sepia Card SC09 £2.50
Errol Sepia Card SC16 £2.50
Beti Sepia Card SC10 £2.50
Bande with Rockes Sepia Card SC12 £2.50
Detritus Sepia Card SC02 £2.50
Greebo the Man Sepia Card SC11 £2.50
Great A'Tuin Sepia Card SC08 £2.50
Igor & Scraps Sepia Card SC07 £2.50
Wee Mad Arthur Sepia Card SC13 £2.50
Mona Ogg Sepia Card SC03 £2.50
Susan Sepia Card SC05 £2.50
Mort Sepia Card SC14 £2.50
Nanny Ogg Sepia Card SC04 £2.50
Boyfriend - Fortune Teller BD-AMC004 £2.50
The Luggage Pendant J07 £50.00
The Silver Horse Pendant J05 £45.00
Total: £244.85