Framed Science of Discworld F009 £45.00
Guild of Assassins Wallet WAL01 £5.00
Guild of Assassins Compact Reporter Bag BAG06 £20.00
Framed Grumpy Librarian F014 £45.00
Ankh-Morpork Post Office Grey Postal Bag BAG01 £20.00
Framed Four Horsemen F010 £45.00
Guild of Assassins Despatch Bag BAG10 £35.00
Framed Elephant Rising F007 £35.00
Framed Mr Fluffy F005 £45.00
In Ancient Times... Postcard PC09 £1.50
Raising Steam Postcard PC11 £1.50
The Chalke Postcard PC10 £1.50
Something Wicked Postcard PC01 £1.50
Four Horsemen Postcard PC04 £1.50
Terry Pratchett Caricature Postcard PC14 £1.50
Total: £304.00