Irish Stamps
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SG1734M/S- 2005 150th ANNIVERSARY OF DUBLIN %u2013 BELFAST RAILWAY-F/U (remove) €5.50€5.50
SG:- 2007 CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE PIG-UM (remove) €4.50€4.50
SG948:1995 RUGBY WORLD CUP ( South Africa) Mini Sheet-UM (remove) €4.50€4.50
SG1154-1998 CHINESE NEW YEAR YEAR OF THE TIGER (Mini Sheet)-UM (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG986:1995 YEAR OF THE PIG-UM (remove) €6.50€6.50
sg 875 o/p-1993 IRISH ORCHIDS MINI SHEET-F/U (remove) €10.00€10.00
SG 563-1983 6th FAUNA and FLORA Dogs MINI SHEET-MHN (remove) €6.50€6.50
SG1313- OSCAR WILDE minisheet - U/M (remove) €6.00€6.00
SG737-1989 12th FAUNA and FLORA Game Birds-FU (remove) €7.50€7.50
SG1299-2000CHINESE NEW YEAR (Year of the Dragon)- F/U (remove) €3.75€3.75
SG:-2006 RYDER CUP ( Mini sheet )-FU (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG945:1995 TRANSPORT NARROW GAUGE RAILWAYS (Mini sheet)-FU (remove) €7.50€7.50
SG m/s1555 -2002 IRISH ROCK LEGENDS U2- F/U (remove) €5.50€5.50
SG1274 - 1999 EXTINCT ANIMALS minisheet- F/U (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG:- 2006 TREES (Mini Sheet)-FU (remove) €6.50€6.50
Minisheet 2016 Cycling in Ireland-Fine Used (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG1104-1997 YEAR OF THE OX (Mini Sheet)-FU (remove) €5.00€5.00
2015- MiniSheet Centenary of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania- unmounted mint (remove) €3.30€3.30
SG918:1994 MOTHS (Mini Sheet) -UM (remove) €5.50€5.50
SG465-1980 3rd FLORA and FAUNA Wildlife MINI SHEET-FU (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG1570m/s- CHINESE NEW YEAR (Year of the Goat)-F/U (remove) €5.50€5.50
2009 Year of the Ox 23-1-09-u/m (remove) €4.95€4.95
SG1299-2000CHINESE NEW YEAR (Year of the Dragon)- U/M (remove) €3.50€3.50

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