Irish Stamps
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
SG298-9p Stag -F/U (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG121:10p Brown- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.70€0.70
SG290- 2p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG104: 10 sh Blue- UNMounted Mint (remove) €210.00€210.00
SG295-5p Dog -F/U (remove) €0.60€0.60
SG483-29p Purple-F/U (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG342-3p Dog-MHN (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG228-5d Bright Violet - f/u (remove) €0.90€0.90
SG550c-2 Olive %u2013 Grey-F/U (remove) €6.00€6.00
SG120: 9p Violet- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.70€0.70
SG73:1p Claret- Fine Used (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG75: 2p Red - Brown- Mounted MInt (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG291-2p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.40€0.40
SG356a-15p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG74a-1934 2dCOIL Wmk Se 14 PERF- F/U (remove) €110.00€110.00
SG301-50p Multi-colour-MHN (remove) €18.00€18.00
SG123b: 2sh 6p Emerald Green- Mounted Mint (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG543-22p Blue-F/U (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG478-18p Dull-Claret-MHN (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG482-26p Blue - Green-F/U (remove) €0.40€0.40
SG541-15p Green-MHN (remove) €0.70€0.70
SG296a-7p Stag -F/U (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG352-9p Dog-MHN (remove) €0.60€0.60
SG254-7p Stag- F/U (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG351-9p Stag-MHN (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG117: 4p Slate - Blue- Mounted Mint (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG355b-12p Dog - F/U (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG119: 6p Purple- UNMounted Mint (remove) €1.20€1.20
SG352a-9p Dog-F/U (remove) €0.30€0.30
SG102: 2sh 6p Green- Mounted Mint (remove) €75.00€75.00
SG116: 3p Blue- Fine Used (remove) €0.20€0.20
SG112b-1940 1d 14 perf Wmk E- M/M (remove) €45.00€45.00
SG82: 1sh Light Blue- UNMounted MInt (remove) €75.00€75.00
SG479-19p Light Blue-MHN (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG260- 2sh 6p Multicoloured- MHN (remove) €6.00€6.00

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