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Irish Stamps
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SG546-29p Green-MHN (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG547-30p Black-MHN (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG31a/ St. Patrick Set high values Cream Paper-5 sh Maroon-mounted mint (remove) €15.00€15.00
SG71a- 1934 d COIL Wmk Se 14 PERF- M/M (remove) €40.00€40.00
SG545c-28p Maroon-MHN (remove) €1.10€1.10
SG483-29p Purple-MHN (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG289- 1p Dog-MHN (remove) €0.50€0.50

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Currency is EuroTotal€60.60
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