Irish Stamps
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SG1223- 1999 TITANIC (Mini Sheet)- F/U (remove) €5.75€5.75
SG m/s1419- 2001 IRISH HERITAGE IN AUSTRALIA- U/M (remove) €3.50€3.50
SG1570m/s- CHINESE NEW YEAR (Year of the Goat)-F/U (remove) €5.50€5.50
SG1363 -BUTTERFLIES (minisheet)- U/M (remove) €4.50€4.50
2009 Year of the Ox 23-1-09-F/u (remove) €5.25€5.25
SG1630m/s - YEAR OF THE MONKEY m/s-F/U (remove) €5.50€5.50
SG1744- 2005 BUTTERFLIES MINI SHEET-F/U (remove) €11.00€11.00
SGm/s1395- 2001 CHINESE NEW YEAR (Year of the Snake) - U/M (remove) €3.00€3.00
SG1581m/s- IRISH BEETLES minisheet-F/U (remove) €6.00€6.00
SG324 / 1972 THE FIRST IRISH POSTAGE STAMP MINI SHEET - Fine Used (remove) €12.00€12.00
m/s 68 RUGBY MINI SHEET 55c Paul O%u2019Connell-f/u (remove) €1.20€1.20
SG:- 2007 400th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FLIGHT OF THE EARLS (Mini Sheet)-UM (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG:- 2006 IRISH MUSIC (Mini Sheet)-UM (remove) €4.95€4.95
SG875:1993 IRISH ORCHIDS (Mini Sheet)-UM (remove) €6.50€6.50
SG m/s1515 - 2002 CHINESE NEW YEAR (year of the horse)- F/U (remove) €3.50€3.50
SG836:1992 OLYMPIC GAMES BARCELONA (Mini Sheet)-FU (remove) €6.50€6.50
SG1224- 1999 POLLY WOODSIDE (Mini Sheet)- U/M (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG ms395/ 1976 AMERICAN DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE-Unmounted Mint (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG MS1715-2005 CHINESE NEW YEAR OF ROOSTER -U/M (remove) €3.75€3.75
SG1200-1998 INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION Lisbon-FU (remove) €7.00€7.00
SG1008: 1996 DUCKS Minisheet-UM (remove) €6.50€6.50
SG:- 2006 IRISH MUSIC (Mini Sheet)-FU (remove) €4.95€4.95
SG465-1980 3rd FLORA and FAUNA Wildlife MINI SHEET-MHN (remove) €3.00€3.00

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