Irish Stamps
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SG85a-10sh Dull Grey-Blue (pair) -mint hinged (remove) €1,500.00€1,500.00
SG32 -1d Red Brown- Fine Used (remove) €5.00€5.00
SG49- 1d Red Brown- mint hinged (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG8c - 9d AGATE- fine used (remove) €110.00€110.00
SG10- 1d Red Brown- mint (remove) €1.50€1.50
SG26 -d GREEN- Fine Used (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG8b -9d AGATE- unmounted mint (remove) €45.00€45.00
SG52- d GREEN- fine used (remove) €1.00€1.00
set of 3 -1922 Dec-Jan) Overprinted by Thom in shiny Blue-Black (3 line)-fine used (remove) €600.00€600.00
SG69- 1d Red Brown- unmounted mint (remove) €14.00€14.00
SG47- d GREEN-unmounted mint (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG84a-5sh Rose-Red (pair)- unmounted mint (remove) €950.00€950.00
SG 17 - 2sh 6d Brown - unmounted mint (remove) €95.00€95.00
SG2-1d Scarlet - unmounted mint (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG65 - 5sh Rose-Red-unmounted mint (remove) €180.00€180.00
SG7-5d BROWN- Fine used (remove) €15.00€15.00
Set of 5 - 1922 ( Feb 17 ) Rialta%u2019s 5 Line Overprint in Black By Thom- Fine Used (remove) €24.00€24.00
SG68a- 1d SCARLET- mint hinged (remove) €75.00€75.00
SG42 -10d Turquoise Blue- mint hinged (remove) €25.00€25.00
SG67-d GREEN- mint hinged (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG51- 1sh Olive- bistre- fine used (remove) €45.00€45.00
SG34- 2d Orange Die II- mint hinged (remove) €2.00€2.00
SG37-4d Grey-Green(red-opt. ) - mint hinged (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG61-9d Olive-Green (red-opt.) -fine used (remove) €9.00€9.00
SG62-10d Turquoise-Blue - mint hinged (remove) €24.00€24.00
SG35- 2d Ultramarine (red opt.)- Unmounted mint (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG15- 1sh Bistre-Brown- Fine Used (remove) €14.50€14.50
SG50- 2d Orange Die II- fine used (remove) €12.00€12.00
SG12- 2d Orange Die I- unmounted mint (remove) €4.00€4.00
SG54- 1d Red Brown- fine used (remove) €11.00€11.00
SG30 -d GREEN- Fine Used (remove) €1.00€1.00
SG70a-2d Orange Die II- fine used (remove) €65.00€65.00

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