Reece Safety Products Ltd

Unit B9, Lowfields Close, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DX

Tel: 01422 310456, Fax: 01422 311070


Vat No: GB787041021, Co Reg No. 04372283

Reece Safety Products Ltd
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
BCT2035 - Brass Combination Padlock 21mm Body 22mm Clearance 3mm Dia (remove) £3.95£3.95
TAG7 - Tag 33mm dia brass discs with hole engraved with up to 12 char (remove) £2.45£2.45
BCT1040 - Brass Combination Padlock 40mm Body 26mm Clearance 5mm Dia (remove) £6.25£6.25
RKSFOBMIXED - Key Fobs. Pack of 100. (Square type) MIXED colours (remove) £27.00£27.00
TAG9 - 45mmx12mm brass tag engraved with up to 36 characters (remove) £3.45£3.45
ACTAG - Acrylic tag blank (remove) £0.45£0.45
KR1 - Keyreel (remove) £9.85£9.85
KR16 - Key rings 16mm dia. Pack of 100 (remove) £13.02£13.02
KR25 - Key rings 25mm dia. Pack of 100 (remove) £15.30£15.30
RSOT200 - Pack of 200 key location tags (remove) £11.60£11.60
RKSTAGMIXED - 100 Long Key Tags write on with card insert.Mixed colours (remove) £27.00£27.00
CS129046ZLXX - 1200x900x460 Steel Security Cupboard Grey Door (remove) £587.33£587.33
CS121246ZLXX - 1200x1200x460 Steel Security Cupboard Grey Door (remove) £896.95£896.95
CS189046ZBXX - 1800x900x460 Steel Security Cupboard Blue Door (remove) £903.34£903.34
CS181246ZBXX - 1800x1200x460 Steel Security Cupboard Blue Door (remove) £1,104.43£1,104.43
CS189046ZRXX - 1800x900x460 Steel Security Cupboard Red Door (remove) £903.34£903.34
CS121246ZBXX - 1200x1200x460 Steel Security Cupboard Blue Door (remove) £896.95£896.95

 VAT 20%£1,082.53
Currency is British PoundTotal£6,495.19
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