Reece Safety Products Ltd

Unit B9, Lowfields Close, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DX

Tel: 01422 310456, Fax: 01422 311070


Vat No: GB787041021, Co Reg No. 04372283

Reece Safety Products Ltd
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
D05/G - Flat top Antique Green (remove) £134.95£134.95
SRLOOPGR2LXX - Cycle Rack Loop Grouted Light Grey 805x470 (remove) £105.68£105.68
SWM241930MSB - Wall Mounted Walkway Roof and one side 2300x1900x3100 Blue (remove) £1,412.64£1,412.64
D06/G - Hooded top Antique Green (remove) £134.95£134.95
D04/B - Pyramid Black Textured (remove) £134.95£134.95
D05/B - Flat top Black Textured (remove) £134.95£134.95
SWM241930MRG - Wall Mounted Walkway Roof only 2300x1900x3100 Green (remove) £665.36£665.36
D06/B - Hooded top Black Textured (remove) £134.95£134.95
D40G - Granite (remove) £79.95£79.95
SWM241930ESB - Wall Mounted Walkway Extension Roof & 1 side 2300x1900x3100 Blue (remove) £1,294.44£1,294.44
SS212425XBXX - Blue Traditional Smoking Shelter with clear perspex rear panels 2100x2450x2500 (remove) £3,194.82£3,194.82
SWM241930ERG - Wall Mounted Walkway Extension Roof Only 2300x1900x3100 Green (remove) £629.08£629.08
MA04833S - 300x400 S/A Please Keep Smoking Area Tidy Sign (remove) £9.50£9.50
D02B - Black Textured (remove) £109.95£109.95
D01X - Stainless Steel (remove) £114.95£114.95
D03B - Black Textured (remove) £95.50£95.50

 VAT 20%£1,677.32
Currency is British PoundTotal£10,063.94
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