Reece Safety Products Ltd

Unit B9, Lowfields Close, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9DX

Tel: 01422 310456, Fax: 01422 311070


Vat No: GB787041021, Co Reg No. 04372283

Reece Safety Products Ltd
Item NameQuantityPriceTotal
MFF80 - Full 800mm dia (32") Hemisphere Acrylic Mirror (remove) £188.00£188.00
SS600 - 600mm Dia Stainless Steel Mirror Orange Hood with 76mm pole bracket (remove) £135.00£135.00
SS800W - 800mm Dia Stainless Mirror with ORANGE border with WALL brackets inc (remove) £208.00£208.00
SSIND490 - 490mm Dia Stainless Steel indoor mirror with wall bracket (remove) £68.30£68.30
SUP2M - Support for 2 mirrors (remove) £99.00£99.00
SSTRAF450X600 - 600mmx450mm Stainless Steel Mirror RED/WHITE with 76mm pole bracket (remove) £177.00£177.00
SSTRAF800 - 800mm Dia Stainless Steel Mirror RED/WHITE with 76mm pole bracket (remove) £287.00£287.00
MHF60 - Half 600mm dia (24") Hemisphere Acrylic Mirror (remove) £84.00£84.00
321 - Mirror 300 mm & 3m telescopic pole (with LED) (remove) £144.00£144.00
M45PW - Polycarbonate Mirror 450mm dia with (bracket = Wall) (remove) £129.00£129.00
M91AW - Acrylic Mirror 910mm dia (36") with (bracket = Wall) (remove) £189.00£189.00

 VAT 20%£341.66
Currency is British PoundTotal£2,049.96
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