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Reece Safety Products Ltd
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SCKN5020OJXXS - Silver Kenilworth cycle shelter 5000mmWx2150mmD Open. Zinc coated & powder coated (remove) £1,899.50£1,899.50
SCTT5020FVXX - Tintagel cycle shelter 5000mmWx2150mmD Off centre Galvanised (remove) £1,551.50£1,551.50
SC223021PBXX - Premier Shltr Perf sides Blue 2250x3000x2100 c/w P/C racks (remove) £1,799.60£1,799.60
SCKN3020OJXXG - Green Kenilworth cycle shelter 3000mmWx2150mmD Open. Zinc coated & powder coated (remove) £1,617.50£1,617.50
SRSHT60712VX - Sheffield rack Floor mounted 2 loops 600Hx715W Galvanised (remove) £173.25£173.25
SCKN5020OJXXB - Blue Kenilworth cycle shelter 5000mmWx2150mmD Open. Zinc coated & powder coated (remove) £1,899.50£1,899.50
SWC215560S4B - Cycle Compound 2625x5500x6000 32 Bike Blue Security Canopy lockable gate (remove) £7,062.92£7,062.92
SWC215530S2G - Cycle Compound 2625x5500x3000 16 Bike Green Security Canopy lockable gate (remove) £4,471.36£4,471.36
SCKN4020OJXXG - Green Kenilworth cycle shelter 4000mmWx2150mmD Open. Zinc coated & powder coated (remove) £1,758.50£1,758.50
SWC215590S6L - Cycle Compound 2625x5500x9000 48 Bike Light Grey Security Canopy lockable gate (remove) £9,490.64£9,490.64
SC223021XGXX - Premier Shltr Perspex sides Green 2250x3000x2100 c/w P/C racks (remove) £1,977.31£1,977.31
SRSHT60715VX - Sheffield rack Floor mounted 5 loops 600Hx715W Galvanised (remove) £433.70£433.70
SC212524CBUX - Traditional Cycle Shelter closed Blue Perf Steel Sides and back panels 2100x2500x2450 (remove) £1,392.22£1,392.22

 VAT 20%£7,105.50
Currency is British PoundTotal£42,633.00
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