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Stock gate number 151 Arch Mews Hardwood 1138 mm wide x 1850 mm high, untreated, Left hand (remove) £355.00£355.00
stock gate no 163 Classic Single gate (70mm thick) Hardwood 1215mm wide x 1952 mm high, capped top, untreated , left hand (remove) £308.00£308.00
stock gate no 190 Pair Ryes (45mm thick) Softwood 1140mm wide (each gate) x 1660mm high (hinge end) x 1900mm high in the centre (remove) £451.00£451.00

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The Sick Childrens Trust kindly offered them a lovely room in a house with full facilities very close to the hospital for them to use during this very tough time.

Many other families that have a child in different hospitals around the country are using this wonderful charity that is maintained solely on voluntary donations.
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