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Fibreglass Indoor Statue- Lourdes Grotto 48625 (remove) £280.00£280.00
24 inch Florentine Statue- St Anthony 53975 (remove) £104.99£104.99
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- Holy Family 48612 (remove) £280.00£280.00
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- St Joseph 48609 (remove) £280.00£280.00
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- Lourdes 48621 (remove) £325.00£325.00
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- St Bernadette 48618 (remove) £59.99£59.99
24 inch Florentine Statue- Infant of Prague 53971 (remove) £104.99£104.99
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- Infant of Prague 48603 (remove) £125.50£125.50
24 inch Florentine Statue- Miraculous Medal 53979 (remove) £104.99£104.99
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- Sacred Heart 48640 (remove) £280.00£280.00
24 inch Florentine Statue- Sacred Heart 53972 (remove) £104.99£104.99
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- Miraculous 48630 (remove) £280.00£280.00
Fibreglass Outdoor Statue- St Anthony 48608 (remove) £280.00£280.00
Lamb Plush Blanket 143502 (remove) £6.99£6.99
Safe in Gods Hands PINK 3804PK (remove) £9.99£9.99
Bless This Baby Porcelain Cross- Pink 12832 (remove) £5.99£5.99
Bless This Child Pewter Cross 46555 (remove) £6.50£6.50
Safe in Gods Hands BLUE 3804BL (remove) £9.99£9.99
Bless This Baby Porcelain Cross- Blue 12831 (remove) £5.99£5.99
God Keeps His Promises - Art Metal 46340 (remove) £9.49£9.49
Serenity Prayer Mug - brown 38925 (remove) £5.50£5.50

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Currency is British PoundTotal£2,670.89
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