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0318ARDI16 - Large heavy-duty rectangular wire basket (remove) £49.00£49.00
0518FAVE06 - Yellow painted metal shop sign letter 'S' (remove) £39.00£39.00
0114ARDI09 - 19th-century carved driftwood duck figure (remove) £110.00£110.00
0116ARDI18 - 19th-century ornithology wall card: Village Swallow (remove) £22.00£22.00
0318ARDI15 - Large heavy-duty round wire basket (remove) £49.00£49.00
1117ARDI19 - Early-1900s Hungarian spotted pottery jug (remove) £49.00£49.00
0318ARDI14 - Large heavy-duty oval wire basket (remove) £49.00£49.00
0817FAVE08 - Victorian hat tin with brass label: W. Anderson (remove) £75.00£75.00
0716ARDI06 - Victorian Salter Household Scale No. 46 (remove) £39.00£39.00
0618FAVE04 - Early-1900s metal cake mould letter 'M' (remove) £29.00£29.00
0617DETL23 - Pair of Victorian P.C. Flett preserve jars (remove) £35.00£35.00
0317JONE02 - Persian Quchan hallway runner rug, c. 1900 (remove) £450.00£450.00
0917KEMP04 - Oil on canvas study of a clipper ship, c. 1900 (remove) £180.00£180.00
0516YABE13 - Extra-large ship's rope ladder, 16ft (4.9m) (remove) £180.00£180.00
1117FAVE12 - Printer's silkscreen with typographical design (L) (remove) £240.00£240.00

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