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DRDE - Drizzled Delights (remove) £25.50£25.50
Gourmet Dipped with Champagne£50.00 (remove) £50.00£50.00
Mini Bride and Groom with Champagne £26.00 (remove) £26.00£26.00
Mini Gourmet Dipped with Champagne £23.50 (remove) £23.50£23.50
MIDE - Mini Delights (remove) £12.50£12.50
APSTDE - Apple & Strawberry Delights (remove) £25.50£25.50
Mini Gourmet Dipped with Prosecco £16.50 (remove) £16.50£16.50
MIMI - Mini Mix (remove) £11.50£11.50

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