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TAFC0-3-25-GR - Pack of 25 Green Forex Classic Sheets, 86x55x3mm (remove) £11.30£11.30
TAP0-P2 - Mixed Pack of 10 Flexible Rotary Engraving Laminate, 86 x 55mm. One of each colour. (remove) £13.95£13.95
TA-SDE-3 - Long Reach Modelling Slot Drill: 3mm diameter tip, 20mm flute length, 3mm shank diameter, 55mm overall length (remove) £21.00£21.00
TAFC0-5-20-YL - Pack of 20 Yellow Forex Classic Sheets, 86x55x5mm (remove) £10.65£10.65
TAP0-10-F10 - Pack of 10 White on Red, Flexible Rotary Engraving Laminate, 86 x 55mm (remove) £13.50£13.50
TAFC0-3-25-YL - Pack of 25 Yellow Forex Classic Sheets, 86x55x3mm (remove) £11.30£11.30
TAFC0-5-20-GY - Pack of 20 Grey Forex Classic Sheets, 86x55x5mm (remove) £10.65£10.65

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