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Tail Small (Grey) TSG Remove £49.99 £49.99
Tail Small (Blonde) TSB Remove £39.99 £39.99
Large matching mane and tail (Grey) MTLG Remove £124.99 £124.99
Large mane and tail (Blonde) MTLB Remove £99.99 £99.99
Large matching mane and tail (Black) MTL Remove £79.99 £79.99
Tail Medium (Chestnut) TMC Remove £39.99 £39.99
Small matching mane and tail (Grey) MTSG Remove £99.99 £99.99
Small blonde cow hair CHBS Remove £21.99 £21.99
Tail Small (Chestnut) TSC Remove £29.99 £29.99
Medium matching mane and tail (Black) MTM Remove £71.99 £71.99
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Total £673.89

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