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How the RomanCart Shopping Cart Works

Firstly, you need to create your website showing details of the products you have for sale. You can use any web design package for this, or if you prefer, hand code it in a text editor such as notepad. Our demo store was produced using Microsoft Publisher.
This is the main reason that RomanCart is so popular. With RomanCart you are not restricted to using website templates, you can create your website exactly as you want with your own design.

All you need to know to add RomanCart to your web pages is how to create hyperlinks. This is usually very easy. Consult the help file on the application you are using if you are unsure or use our wizard here.

Now you simply add RomanCart 'Add to basket' hyperlinks (or if you are more advanced, you can add 'add to basket' buttons) to your web pages to allow customers to purchase your items. For the technical details of how to do this please click here.
Finally you need to configure your cart with the different payment methods you will be accepting. This might be a payment gateway, or manual swipe, where you manually enter the card details into your own swipe machine offline, or offline payment methods such as cheque and cash on delivery. Click here for more details on accepting online payments.

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