Guild of Assassins Compact Reporter Bag - Sorry - This item is currently out of stock. Please check back again soon.

Ankh-Morpork Post Office Grey Postal Bag BAG01 £20.00
Guild of Assassins Wallet WAL01 £5.00
Guild of Assassins Despatch Bag BAG10 £35.00
Deadskull Dropper Earrings E364 £10.00
Black Rose studs E200 £8.00
Bat Studs Earrings E186 £5.00
Grave Stud Earring E244 £7.50
Blackheart Studs E208 £10.00
Hand of Macbeth Earrings E378 £11.00
Heart's Blood studs E332 £12.00
Black Star Dropper Earrings E395 £9.00
Death Stud Earrings E76 £4.50
Sparkling Death Earring E237 £10.00
Ravenella's Tears Earring E225 £10.00
Total: £157.00