Susan Dweenie Badge dwb-susan £3.50
The Death of Rats in Bauble Hogswatch Card HWC05 £2.95
The Librarian Hogswatch Card HWC03 £2.95
The Merry Wassailers Hogswatch Card HWC02 £2.95
The Librarian Bookmark BM07 £1.75
The Hogfather Hogswatch Card HWC01 £2.95
The Chalke Postcard PC10 £1.50
The Golden Hare Pendant J04 £55.00
The Nac Mac Feegle Hogswatch Card HWC12 £2.95
Errol Hogswatch Card HWC11 £2.95
Lord Downey Hogswatch Card HWC10 £2.95
The Silver Hare Pendant J03 £45.00
Vetinari Dweenie Badge dwb-vetinari £3.50
Death With Kitten Postcard PC02 £1.50
Dweenie Tea Towel GK007 £7.95
A Frenzy of Feegles Bookmark BM12 £1.75
In Ancient Times... Postcard PC09 £1.50
Nac Mac Feegle Bookmark BM05 £1.75
Raising Steam Postcard PC11 £1.50
Cassanora Choker P449 £20.00
City Watch Chestnut Wallet WAL03 £15.00
Susan Bookmark BM02 £1.75
Total: £183.60