Keep Calm Badge PP1949 £0.50
Seamstresses' Guild Notebook NOTE06 £15.00
Assassins' Guild Notebook NOTE04 £15.00
Granny Weatherwax Notebook NOTE02 £15.00
Che Guevara Button Badge PP7003 £0.20
Strange and Unusual Pin Badge PNK03 £6.00
The Book was Better Pin Badge PNK02 £5.00
Witch Pin Badge PNK01 £5.00
I Hate All of You Button Badge PP3924 £0.20
Paperback Going Postal - Embossed PK033 £10.00
Homer - OH Cruel Fate! Button Badge PP1074 £0.20
Monsters University Badge PP2091 £0.50
CMOT Ankh-Morpork Pin cmot023 £4.50
Bande with Rockes Sepia Card SC12 £2.50
Check Out Books Pin Badge PNK15 £6.00
Unseen University Bookmark BM09 £4.00
Linda Love Cat ERST034 £22.00
HisWorld Badge cmot024 £3.00
Wee Mad Arthur Sepia Card SC13 £2.50
Cat Mamma Pin Badge PNK11 £6.00
Cats Rule Everything Pin Badge PNK09 £6.00
Fortune Teller Cat Pin Badge PNK08 £5.00
Pineapple Express ERST038 £22.00
Granny Weatherwax Bookmark BM06 £1.75
Total: £157.85