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Paperback Going Postal - Embossed PK033 £10.00
Paperback Monstrous Regiment - Embossed PK031 £10.00
Wheres My Cow - Embossed SB050 £20.00
Dodgers Guide to London - Embossed SB065 £15.00
The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner Collector’s Edition Slipcase EB029 £30.00
The Terry Pratchett Diary - Embossed EB032 £20.00
Discworld Atlas - Embossed EB017 £25.00
Mrs Bradshaw's Guide - Embossed EB004 £20.00
Small Gods graphic novel - Embossed EB028 £13.00
The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner - Embossed Hardcover EB022 £15.00
Seriously Funny Hardback - Embossed EB024 £12.00
The Compleat Ankh-Morpork - Embossed SB060 £28.00
Tiffany Aching Hardcover 5 Book Collection - embossed BC002 £70.00
The World of Poo - Embossed SB056 £15.00
The Discworld Graphic Novels - Embossed SB037 £20.00
Father Christmas's Fake Beard – Hardcover Edition - Embossed EB049 £12.99
Father Christmas's Fake Beard – Collector's Edition Slipcase - Embossed - Pre-order EB050 £25.00
Single with Cats Pin Badge PNK05 £5.00
Black Rainbow Pin Badge PNK13 £6.00
Fortune Teller Cat Pin Badge PNK08 £5.00
Bananas Pin Badge PNK14 £5.00
Blue Cat Pin Badge PNK12 £6.00
Cat Mamma Pin Badge PNK11 £6.00
Check Out Books Pin Badge PNK15 £6.00
Strange and Unusual Pin Badge PNK03 £6.00
Witch Pin Badge PNK01 £5.00
Just One More Chapter Pin Badge PNK17 £6.00
Spell Book Pin Badge PNK04 £5.00
Normal People Pin Badge PNK07 £5.00
The Book was Better Pin Badge PNK02 £5.00
I Love to Read Pin Badge PNK16 £6.00
Cats and Caffeine Pin Badge PNK10 £6.00
Cats Rule Everything Pin Badge PNK09 £6.00
I'll Show You Mine Pin Badge PNK18 £6.00
Party Ghost Pin Badge PNK06 £5.00
S2Trading Card - The Bursar TC-013 £1.00
S2Trading Card - Mustrum Ridcully TC-017 £1.00
Unseen University Bookmark BM09 £4.00
Night Watch Photo Magnet PM06 £3.00
Greebo Photo Magnet PM02 £3.00
Fabricati Diem Photo Magnet PM07 £3.00
Nac Mac Feegles Photo Magnet PM15 £3.00
Eldritch Sky Photo Magnet PM05 £3.00
Death with Stray Cats Photo Magnet PM08 £3.00
Wyrd Sisters Photo Magnet PM04 £3.00
Great A'Tuin Photo Magnet PM03 £3.00
Librarian Photo Magnet PM01 £3.00
Rat Tea Towel GK001 £6.95
Total: £500.94