Carpe Jugulum Collector's Library - Embossed CL23 £15.00
The Death of Rats in Bauble Hogswatch Card HWC05 £2.95
The Librarian Hogswatch Card HWC03 £2.95
The Merry Wassailers Hogswatch Card HWC02 £2.95
The Librarian Bookmark BM07 £1.75
The Hogfather Hogswatch Card HWC01 £2.95
The Chalke Postcard PC10 £1.50
Terry Postcard Bundle PCPK2 £5.00
Nanny & Granny Button Badge BB15 £1.00
The Fifth Elephant Collector's Library - Embossed CL24 £15.00
Total: £51.05