The Golden Hare Pendant J04 £55.00
The Silver Hare Pendant J03 £45.00
Reaperman Button Badge BB34 £1.00
Anthill Inside Button Badge BB47 £1.00
The Grim Squeaker Button Badge BB23 £1.00
Eldritch Sky Button Badge BB06 £1.00
Pale Rider Button Badge BB05 £1.00
Lord Vetinari Rules Button Badge BB52 £1.00
I Love Ankh-Morpork Button Badge BB26 £1.00
Glad to be Grey Button Badge BB43 £1.00
Rincewind Mug MUG01 £8.00
The Black Baron Technician's Wingstrap A100 £25.00
Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys P71 £30.00
Framed Sepia Nanny Ogg F020 £35.00
Framed Sepia Greebo F016 £35.00
Greebo Mug MUG06 £8.00
Doctorate of Sweet Fanny Adams COLL022 £7.50
One Rhinu coin COIN01 £8.00
Total: £264.50