Terry Silhouette Tote Bag TOTE08 £8.00
Feeglespotting Keyring KEY01 £6.99
Reaperman Keyring KEY04 £6.99
HisWorld Badge cmot024 £3.00
Dr Who Dalek Keyring RK38105 £2.00
Framed Sepia A'Tuin F017 £35.00
Granny at the Opera Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m12a £8.00
Magrat on a Broomstick Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m28a £9.50
The Three Witches Miniatures UNPAINTED dw30m29a £27.50
Nanny Ogg on a Broomstick Miniature UNPAINTED dw30m27a £9.50
Unseen University Notebook NOTE05 £15.00
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Imaginarium Special Edition EB052 £75.00
I Hate All of You Button Badge PP3924 £0.20
Butterfly Button Badge PP6378 £0.20
Homer - OH Cruel Fate! Button Badge PP1074 £0.20
Total: £207.08