The Uberwald Vampire Bat Critter LB05 £1.00
Great A'Tuin Temporary Tattoo TA1 £2.25
Doctor Who Tardis Button Badge PP3833 £0.50
Marvel Fantastic Four Button Badge PP1918 £0.50
Superman Logo Button Badge PP3872 £0.50
Grumpy Librarian - Canvas Print canvas12 £35.00
Spongebob Holy Mother of Pearl Button Badge PP3926 £0.20
Marvel Wolverine Button Badge PP1916 £0.50
Ned Flanders (Hi-Dilly-Ho-Dilly Nieghboureenos!) Button Badge PP1085 £0.20
Marvel Captain America Button Badge PP1915 £0.50
Ravenclaw Button badge PP2363 £0.50
Sponge Bob Button Badge PP3923 £0.20
Feegle Sheep Critter LB02 £1.00
Discworld Temporary Tattoo 3 Pack TA0 £6.00
Union Jack Glitter Button Badge PPG1463 £0.20
Rachel Hale Cat in a Hat Button Badge PP1023 £0.20
Gary 'Meow' Button Badge PP3932 £0.20
Marvel Hulk Button Badge PP1923 £0.50
Family Guy Button Badge PP3921 £0.20
Dr Nick (Hello Everyone) Button Badge PP1071 £0.20
Uh.. I... Uh Forget Button Badge PP3930 £0.20
Rob Anybody Temporary Tattoo TA3 £2.25
Mrs Hudson's Cellar Keys P71 £30.00
I Don't Discriminate Button Badge PP4966 £0.50
Keep Calm and Drink Tea Button Badge PP1944 £0.50
Dragons Mug MUG38 £8.00
Great A'Tuin - Canvas Print canvas01 £48.00
Map 'n' Monsters Mug MUG37 £8.00
Bee More Terry Critter LB01 £1.00
Discworld Icon - Canvas Print canvas07 £15.00
Eldritch Sky - Canvas Print canvas10 £35.00
City Watch Temporary Tattoo TA2 £2.25
I Love U Long Time $10 Button Badge PP4687 £0.20
Total: £201.25